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Synthetic Dimensionality
Synthetic Dimensionality | Forum on Conceptual Structure
Design for a Transcendental Bridge
Linkage of the universal and the particular

Introduction to the Theory of Concepts
General principles of conceptual structure

The Dimensionality of Concept Structure
Similarities and differences in category formation

The Universal Hierarchy of Abstraction
Framework for a mathematical epistemology

Synthetic Dimsionality
The recursive algebra of semantic space

Foundations of this model

Background and history

Consultant, Network and Website Developer, Database Programmer
PO Box 23346, Santa Barbara, CA 93121
(805) 966-9515,,

Education: B.A. in Psychology, UC Santa Cruz, graduate level studies and original work in cognitive psychology and algebraic semantics, independent study in computer science and programming

Experience: Twenty years of online development, building networks, hosting conferences, creating listserv discussions, building web sites and creating "virtual communities"

  • Researching online network development since early 1970's
  • Building original online projects since 1986
  • Operated "bulletin board" system 1987
  • On avant gard WELL network from 1988 to 1991, hosted ORIGIN conference
  • Created Bridge Across Consciousness listserv network, continuously online from 1993 to 1999
  • Created Santa Barbara Voices listserv network, 1994
  • Member SCTA, South Coast Telecommunications Alliance, since 1994
  • Created ORIGIN web site, 1994 -- comprehensive directory of interfaith resources
  • Created Santa Barbara Economic Development Network, UCSB listserv network, 1995
  • Created United Communities of Spirit 1995, interfaith network, currently 8500+ members
  • Co-listowner, INTERREL interfaith dialogue network, with Dr. Leonard Swidler, 1996
  • Participant, Santa Barbara Tele-Comm-Unity Summit, 1996
  • Created Common Factor online polling system for integrated data collation, 1997
  • Created Interfaith Voices for Peace & Justice 1998, network of 900 interfaith organizations
  • Created Santa Barbara Commons, 1998, local database network umbrella project
  • Created Allies for Justice, 1998, local political database network, 300+ members
  • Created The Phoenix, "virtual sacred community", July 1998, 220 members
  • Created ServiceNet, social service network for SB County government welfare dept., August, 1998
  • Created Urantia Book Readers Online Network, intranet for spiritual group, 850+ members, September, 1998
  • Created South Coast Intern Network, collaborative network interconnecting local schools and businesses, November, 1998
  • Created Public Allies Staff Network, Intranet for "Public Allies" national non-profit, January, 1999
  • Created South Coast Leadership Forum, regional collaborative economic/business network, January, 1999
  • Created South Coast Mentoring Network, collaborative "interagency intranet" connecting nonprofits with mentoring programs, February, 1999
  • Created Conscious Evolution Network, intranet for Foundation for Conscious Evolution, December 1998
  • Created World Interfaith Congress, Summer, 2000, inter-religious networking system
  • Created United Religions Initiative/IGC Intranet, Fall, 2000
  • Created Central Coast Classroom-Community Network, collaborative system for Allan Hancock College, Fall, 2000
  • Created Upland Real Estate Group Database, Fall, 2000, high-end real estate system
  • Created WorkPlaceConnections.Net, Fall, 2000, collaborative school-to-career system for Monterey Bay Area Partnership
  • Created Corporate Realty Intranet, Fall, 2000, system for commercial real estate lenders
  • Created SBCC Service Learning and Work Experience, Winter, 2000, distance education system for community college
  • Created Interspirit collaborative networking system for spiritual and interfaith groups, September 2002
  • Created Shared Purpose networking system for collaborative groups, March 2003
Network Programming: 10 years doing Cold Fusion web/database development, creating a series of original functions/templates for "virtual community" development, designing multi-purpose integrated database systems for an array of simultaneous overlapping independent applications, creating "common factor" polling system, creating interactive user-driven applications.

Conference Hosting: More than fifteen years experience in mediating online discussions, convening and moderating online conferences, in contact with literally thousands of writers, students, graduate students, academics and professionals. The Bridge Across Consciousness listserv network has had thousands of members, and distributed over 30,000 online messages on the philosophy, epistemology and science of religion. United Communities of Spirit has over 30,000 messages currently on line.

Semantic/Cognitive Theory: Developed universal algebraic theory of semantics, classification and organization, consistent with database and network technology. Pioneering new applications in network integration, collaboration and synergy.

Consulting: Community development advisor for Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), world's largest "GIS" (Geographical Information Systems) corporation, working on their virtual campus, 150,000 students worldwide.